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By Ryan Wolfington

One of the biggest success stories in the history of Vegas Tennis is the Darling Tennis Center. Soon after an opportunity almost as significant followed, the legendary Tennis Channel Open. Then when you thought it could not get any better, the USTA announced this month that the Amanda and Stacy Darling Tennis Center has been named a USTA Certified Regional Training Center.
All of these major success stories have one thing in common: Sandy Foley. Sandy has been instrumental in making these dreams come true. If not for her efforts, it is safe to say none of these major Las Vegas Tennis breakthroughs would have ever occurred.

" Sandy originally called me for The Tennis Channel Open," said The Tennis Channel Founder Steve Bellamy. "To bring pro tennis to Las Vegas had about as many hurdles in front of it as building a sky scraper. Nothing got the best of her. Sandy Foley is a rare breed who gets things done. She is a total rock star!"

Sandy's decades of experience in the tennis industry has made her uniquely qualified and perfectly placed in one of the best tennis centers and best tennis cities in the world. Sandy's current position as Coordinator of the Darling Tennis Center was the culmination of a long history of tennis service and involvement in a myriad of roles, including league player, tennis mom, national tournament director, sectional committee member, tennis enthusiast, and Executive Director of USTA-Nevada.

"Sandy's dedication and passion for the Darling Tennis Center, the memory of the Darling Family and the tennis community are beyond words," said Lonny Zimmerman, Deputy Director, Leisure Services for the City of Las Vegas. "While many of us in the City receive praise for the many tennis related accomplishments at the DTC, I am humbled knowing that none if it would be possible without love of all things tennis that sandy epitomizes."

It is her vast experience in everything tennis, including the politics of how to get things done, and the passion and desire to even try, that makes her such a tremendous asset to tennis.

Thanks to the City and Sandy all of theses breakthroughs continue to have a major impact on our community. The Darling Tennis Center has attracted countless national and international tournaments. The Tennis Channel Open brought fans and exposure from all over the world. The Regional Training Center will bring some of the country's best players and coaches into our own back yard. The economic development alone to the city of Las Vegas is in the millions. But more importantly, Sandy and the projects she has been involved in have and will make an indelible mark on the lives of most Las Vegas tennis players now and for years to come.

Sandy comes from a great tennis family. All four of her children have been involved in tennis, her son Brian is ranked in the top 200 in the nation in the Boys 16's, and her husband Jeff is one of the most liked tennis professionals in town and is presently the Tennis Director of Anthem Country Club.

"At our morning ritual discussing our days over coffee I am always amazed at how much she accomplishes," said her husband Jeff. "She takes on countless projects for the community, cares for our 4 children and has been an incredible partner to me. Sandy is the type of person you want taking care of you. "
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