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Day 7
Count down to Final begins with Semi final matches scheduled for tomorrow

Question is, will it be in form Amercian Robby Genepri or will it be talented Guillermo Canas of Argentina. Who do you think will win this tournament?

My money is on Canas. The red hot favorite, in his red hot shirt

Day 7 brought delightful weather and wonderful tennis. This tournament has brought several young talented American tennis players in the

forefront: Asia Muhammad, Madison Brengle and the raw talent of Coco Vandeweghe

Coco says, and I quote, ‘People say that after the Williams sisters there is nobody to take the reins of American women’s tennis. Well they

are wrong. Look at all the young American talent in this tournament. We are all hardworking, talented female US tennis players, who after the

Williams sisters, will raise the American flag high. This coming from 16 year old, what can I say but, God speed be with you, Coco. Coco is right and

Coco’s determination will see this through

Asia Muhammad of USA is making leaps and bounds in this tournament. She has competed hard and has come through

unscathed. She has beaten Bychkova of Russia, today. In this tournament, Asia has been victorious over Malek of Germany, Czink of Hungary. All the

three players Asia has been victorious over, are rated very high quality players. It is Asia’s talent, determination, grit and will that has seen her

through these challenging matches. The above players did not lose because they did not play well. They lost because Asia’s consistent talent,

determination and desire to win overwhelmed them. Good going Asia

Madison Brengle of USA, who is a doubles partner with Asia Muhammad is another force to reckon with.

Today Madison overwhelmed Cohen-Aloro of France in a tension filled match.

Earlier in this tournament, Madison was victorious over talented Meusberger of Australia. We will be hearing a lot about this American talent,

Madison Brengle, in the near future
Coco Vandeweghe of USA, to say the least, is a wonderful and good hearted tennis player. She is 16 years old

but her tennis talent is much beyond her age. Prior to this tournament, Coco was not a well known player. While in this tournament, Coco has got

the respect of many a tennis player and public. Coco’s match with Rezai of France is worth mentioning. Rezai, a known player and ranked high in

this tournament, fell to Coco’s consistent tennis. Coco showed maturity and kept her cool through out the match. With her aggressive and consistent

play, Coco kept Rezai under constant pressure. All this from a raw talent, is admirable

Coco also has a mischievous side to her personality. When I asked Coco, as to what she liked in Las Vegas. Coco promptly answered, ‘THE BUFFETS’.

I than asked, does your coach know of your buffet adventures, she replies, no but says, her mother is in it with her. I guess, since mother and

daughter are in it, coach does not need to get involved

As Coco says, American women tennis is not done yet. I have a feeling, Coco, Asia and Madison will raise American flag very high, and this I want

and would very much like to see

Now to today’s play There were great matches American Genepri won over Gulbis of Latvia, comfortably,61,62 Canas of Argentina beat Delic of USA easily, 64,64

Kevin Anderson beat Korolev of Russia in style. Gave Kurolev a bagel 62,60

Sam Querrey beat Benneteau,75,62

Asia Muhammad of USA beat Bychkova of Russia

Madisaon Brengle of USA beat Cohen-Aloro of France

Yuan of China beat Vandeweghe of USA

Matches to watch on Saturday, 8th of March 2008

Kevin Anderson vs Robby Genepri

Guillermo Canas vs Sam Querrey

Bryan Brothers vs Baghdatis and Economidis

Asis Muhammad vs Madison Brengle
Come one, come all, to the Stacy and Darling Memorial Tennis Center and watch Semi Finals and Finals schedule for Saturday and Sunday, respectively
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