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This Saturday was full of excitement and important people in the tennis field were also present. People like Andre Agassi and Michael Chang were one of the many. At the beginning of the day it was partly cloudy and windy but as the hours went by it trancended into relaxing weather for spectators.
The qualification matches began at 10 a.m. and the main one of the day was Max Mirnyi v.s. Rik de Voest, Mirnyi lost the first set than began to find a groove and was winning the second set 5-1 then Voest retired. The excitement began on center court around 12 p.m. when Las Vegas tennis legend Andre Agassi was practicing with former number 1 player in the world Lleyton Hewitt. The crowd enjoyed every second of Andre's strokes as if he were playing a grand slam final. Andre's children played around with each other on the exterior of the court and the ambience was simply ineffable
Once Andre was done hitting with Hewitt he met with two junior tennis players from his foundation, Jeff Vongman and Stan Breland. Agassi was delighted to see these two juniors from Vegas. Tennis legend Michael Chang was also seen coaching at this event. This year Chang is to be inducted into the international tennis hall of fame.Chang also has the record for youngest man to win the French Open at age 17. Chang lives in Henderson and said,'I enjoy fishing and golf since i have more time on my hands'. A couple of words of advice that Canas gave to me was that perseverance, encouragement, and blessing others is key to becoming a successful tennis player. Michael also believes that being selfish is a simple mistake and could drag you down which is why worrying and caring for others is a huge factor for success
Darren Cahill who was giving tips to Agassi and coaching Hewitt also created a positive vibe to junior tennis players after being recognized as a commentator for espn 2. Cahill stated,' I've lived in Vegas for the past six years now and i love it, i plan to live here indefinitely and I am working with Andre and Steffi for projects in the future. I also asked him about how Lleyton approached this tournament, "Lleyton didn't come here with that many wins, he did pretty well in the Australian Open and won this tournament last year so i think here in Vegas he will be looking for wins", commented Cahill. Members from USTA Nevada also didn't miss any action this Saturday. David Kartzinel, Julian Serrano,Clarie Roth, and Neil Roth were the ones to make the appearance
Arizona State graduate and Nevada player Sabrina Capannolo was present today and took 2nd place in the Shotgun 21 for women. Capannolo has a chance to recieve a wildcard into this years qualifiers for the Hilton Cup challenger event. Capannolo has beaten the number one player in the NCAA's and as a junior won supernationals in the year 2003. Holger Nichol brought for the second consecutive year junior players from Idaho falls,Idaho as ball boys/girls until Wednesday. There are 13 total kids and all agreed that this years tournament is more exciting because of the high quality players and weather conditions. Nichol was President of USTA Intermounatin between 2005 and 2006. The Thomson twins and Asia Muhammed were other players that stood out to the public in the afternoon
The Thomson twins started out at Lorezi Racquet Club and made it all the way to number one in the NCAA's. They attended Notre Dame University and recieved a wildcard in the womens Main Draw. Their father Bob is their Manager and Ken Shioi is their coach. The twins have been training hard all year and expressed that they are prepared for this tournament. Sixteen year old Asia Muhammed also recieved a wildcard but for singles in the main draw. Asia was once number two in the nation, this is Muhammed's second tournament of the year and is delighted of the sense that she has a home town advantage and that the weather is great
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