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Day 2

Day 2 started with the same fervour as day 1. Despite the early morning cool winds spectators were abound. There was no dearth of support for the players from the spectators. There were cheers shouted, players encouraged and overall the atmosphere was to say the least electric
There were many matches played, some very high quality. Of the ones worth mentioning was the match between Miryni and Dorsch. Like yesterday, both player fought hard and did not give in easily. The best man won, Max Miryni. Max Mirnyi plays Luczak first thing tomorrow. I have to say this will be another match worth watching, so make sure you be at Darling Tennis Center by 10:00am

The other well played match, was the match between Bovina and Fujiwara. This match was full of tension and a very good match to watch. For those who did not turn up to watch today’s matches, have really missed very well played qualifiers
On the side courts one could see focussed and aggressive Lleyton Hewitt practicing hard and getting prepared to play against talented and fiery Marat Safin, who was also practicing very hard. Infact, Safin was with Canas, who was I must say was giving Safin a very tough practice match session. Good for Safin, he needs practicing colleagues like Canas. So the 1st round match between Hewitt and Safin will be the match of the day, if not match of the week. Pity one of these two very good players will be leaving tomorrow
Today was a very busy day at the qualifying rounds. Other well contested matches of the day were between Yelsey and Pioppo,Vemic and Luczak, Panova and Jovanovic, Niemeyer and Kunitsyn, to name a few

Tomorrow Monday, 2008-03-02, with the predicted warm weather we will see scintillating matches between Safin and Hewitt, Johannson and Canas, American Sam Querrey and Frenchman Sebastian Grosjean, Kiefer and Becker, Bovina of Russia and Lu of China, American Genepri and Belgian Malisse to quote a few
In the end I have to say that I came across a very talented and upcoming star of American tennis, Asia Muhammad. Asia was kind enough to spend sometime with me. What I saw in Asia was true to what I had heard of this young tennis player. She is of course talented, but she is more than talent. She is a very good natured, somewhat shy girl of immensely strong personality, will and grit. With all this within herself and the guidance of her coach Tim Blenkiron, I am more than sure we will be hearing of this great tennis player for many a year to come. I wish her all my luck
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