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Dear USTA-Nevada members,

Below is the adult and junior tournament schedule for the next 3 months. Spanish Trail deadline is soon!!!! They have $1,200 of prize money this year for men's singles!

Thanks for playing.

Ryan Wolfington
Executive Director


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Dear USTA-Nevada juniors and adults,

Continuing our efforts to offer fun social events for all of you we have some free pro football tickets for the first 250 to respond to this email.

My uncles close friend Paul Pelosi (Husband of Nacy Pelosi who is Speaker of the House) has extended an invitation for all the USTA-Nevada juniors to attend the new pro football league game this Thursday October 8 at 6pm as his guest. We also need many adult chaperone's. All persons willing to chaperon will get an extra ticket to bring a guest. Chaperone's just enjoy the game along with the juniors!

Jay Stokes, owner and director of Glendoveer Tennis Center, was giving a lesson in July when he spotted a pair of young ladies on another court.
One played like a beginner, the other like a Women’s Tennis Association veteran.

After introductions, Stokes began to take in small bits of the Hermon Bhrane story, which we don’t encompass in these parts very often.

Bhrane, 19, was born in Eritrea - a small country in the horn of Africa - but fled with her family to Germany when she was a year old to avoid Eritrea's war with Ethiopia.

When she was 7, the family moved to a house next to a tennis club. Hermon's twin sister, Blul, opted for ballet. Hermon chose tennis. It became a passion.

Though a natural southpaw, she was taught to play tennis right-handed, because at her club, that's the way they taught everybody.






An intimate dinner concert
with Tony Bennett & celebrity guests


Produced by Clint Holmes

featuring Rita Rudner, Clint Holmes, Mosaic, Ellie Smith and more



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