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Remember that when times get tough - Play tennis to feel better!













Thanks to USTA-Nevada and other volunteer writers for their submissions......

In this issue:



USTA-Nevada, The Marty Hennessy Foundation and the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame are partnering to bring you the NEVADA TENNIS HALL OF FAME inagural Class 2008, including International legend Mike Agassi, Community legend Anne Rockwell and junior legends Catrina and Christian Thompson. Mark your calendar November 29, 2008. Special guest Tony Bennett and friends. Those willing to be on the event committee please email Ryan Wolfington. Details coming soon!


2. LOCAL TENNIS PLAYER PERFORMS ON TV: Laura Taylor, a Stirling Club member and tennis enthusiast,  performs on TV this Friday and Saturday: Friday at 5p.m., Saturday morning at 7:30 am, and Sunday night at 10pm on Chanel 4.


3. TENNIS JUNIOR GETS BIG ROLE IN PLAY: Ellie Smith, the singing phenom, got the role as "Cosette" in Les Miserables and is performing almost nightly. She will also perform at the Dodger vs Phillies game this Sunday. Smith has performed on the same stage as Tony Bennett, Celine Dion and many others.


4. VEGAS PRO PLAYER ASIA MUHAMMAD beat the USTA national champion Gail Brodsky in a women's $75,000 challenger in Pittsburg to win the qualification draw and her first round in the main draw before losing in the second round in three sets. Now she is off to Georgia for another pro tournament.


5. UNLV hires new assistant coach Mark Roberts: Anyone interested in lessons or clinics with the UNLV assistant call  702-895-4322 . Go to link below for the article:


6. SPANISH OAKS TENNIS CLUB, 2201 Spanish Oaks Drive, has recently completed renovations on their six courts and is ready for play 7-days a week with lighting for night play. Sunday morning clinics as well as private and small group lessons for players of all ages and abilities are available. Contact SAM APARICIO @ at 860 - 3811 or 876 - 5836.




Help with the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame, Awards banquets, ladies league luncheon, junior tournaments, fundraising, committee's.

Ways to help:

-Help get silent auction items for Hall of Fame

-Help get sponsors and in kind donations for league and junior events

-help with administrative work in office

-Help sell raffle tickets that benefit our programs

Please email Ryan Wolfington at if willing




The Following articles are below:


1. USTA-Nevada's "NJTL East Coast Leadership Tour 2008" - sponsored by the Wolfington family


Senator Ensign, Larry Brown and Weekly support tennis

3. PATE TENNIS TRADITION - Bally's and Flamingo Resorts

and Ballys Holiday Charity  Tennis Classic




7. Parker Family Legacy coming to an end - USTA-Nevada Scholars Athlete of the year - Brandon Parker

8. High School Fall League

9. Want to sponsor a middle school tennis program? Give one free clinic a week, we will teach you how !! Give back! Ryan at 822-1081


Help with the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame, Awards banquets, ladies league luncheon, junior tournaments, fundraising, committee's.

Ways to help:

-Help get silent auction items for Hall of Fame

-Help get sponsors and in kind donations for league and junior events

-help with administrative work in office

-Help sell raffle tickets that benefit our programs

Please email Ryan Wolfington at if willing

11. Stirling Club in Turnberry Place - Rated among the nest in the nation



14. Lorenzi Results 4 aces jr Classic

15. Spanish Trail results

16. Wells Fargo winner needs our help!...Below is a link to a young girl who won the "Wells Fargo Someday Stories" contest. She won about her story of dreaming to be a doctor to help others. She own $10,000. She is one of 5 finalists. If she gets more votes in this final phase of the internet contest she will win $100,000.Please view her video and if it is right vote for Tiffany Tatum, so she can win her $100,000 and go to medical school. It takes 2 minutes to register and vote to help a young lady reach her potential. Here is the link.






USTA-NEVADA's "NJTL East Coast Leadership Tour 2008"  sponsored by the Wolfington Family


13 children, 3 weeks, 8 cities, 15 speakers, 8 colleges, 12 historical tours, celebrities, senators, producers, CEO's, a Governor and a Pulitzer prize winning author, all to inspire 13 children to be the leaders of tomorrow.


The Wolfington Family, including the O'Neills, Gillins, and Mitas, for the third year sponsored 13 children to experience the "NJTL East Coast Leadership Tour," sponsored by Marriott. The children visit 8 cities in 3 weeks, being exposed to a daily leadership breakfast, Universities, historical sites, and playing tennis at some of the most prestigious Country Clubs in the country.

USTA-Nevada and the Marty Hennessy Junior Tennis Foundation teamed up to co-sponsor the 3-week trip to Boston, Hyannis Port, Martha's Vineyard, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, historical Philadelphia, the beaches of Avalon, New Jersey, the stately halls of Washington, D.C., and thanks to Bruce Eichner, the culture, art, and excitement of New York City.

To inspire excellence in academics and athletics, children applying for the trip had to have a minimum 3.7 gpa, be ranked top 40 in the USTA-Intermountain 6 State region, and be recipients of the USTA-Nevada Academic-Athletic Leadership Award.

Leadership Breakfast - Sponsored by Anna & Sean Wolfington

Every morning of the trip the children had a "Leadership Breakfast" with a variety of leaders to discuss how one finds happiness and success.

"What impacts the children the most is hearing the advice from successful people on how to find happiness," explained USTA-Nevada Executive Director Ryan Wolfington. "As a result of these speakers and the amazing sites and opportunities, the children come back different people, stronger, wiser, more mature and motivated than ever before. It is a life changing experience."

Past speakers included: Pulitzer prize winning author David McCullough of "John Adams," Senator John Ensign, President Bush Sr., Walden Media Co-Founder/President Michael Flaherty (Chronicles of Narnia), Tycoon Brian O'Neill, TV star Kathie Lee Gifford, Governor Jeb Bush and his niece Marshall Bush, Renaissance Man Frank O'Neill, Senator Ted Kennedy, CNBC's Larry Kudlow AND Eric Greenberg, Real-estate Entrepreneur Vince O'Neill, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, International Businessman Mark Wolfington, Pro Martina Hingis, Penske Director Eustace Mita, Pro Todd Martin, Senator Jim De Mint SC, National trainer and motivational speakers Peg O'Neill and Marty Gillin, former Chairman of Aramark Brian Gail, Internet Founder & CEO Matt Gillin, Automotive pioneer Eustace Wolfington, film Producer Sean Wolfington, Film Director Jonathan "Jed" Wolfington, Meridian Equity Partners Columb Lytle and Jonathan Corpina, and Harvard Men's Tennis coach David Fish.

Hyannis Port, Massachusetts - sponsored by Vince O'Neill

The first few days of the trip were spent in the Cape Cod town of Hyannis Port, known as the residence of the Kennedy Compound. Here they stayed in a beautiful home sponsored by Vince O'Neill, met and toured the studio of renowned artist Sam Barber and received a print of his famous painting. The children were given their first Leadership lecture by national trainer and motivational speaker Peg O'Neill, Renaissance man Frank O'Neill, international businessman Mark Wolfington, and the Real-estate entrepreneur Vince O'Neill.

Island of Martha's Vineyard - Sponsored by David McCullough & Hy-Line Cruises

The following day the children went to the exclusive Island of Martha's Vineyard to meet with two time Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough, ("John Adams", "Truman").

"Listening to McCullough was like getting a download of tremendous wisdom and ideas," explained Wolfington. "He never gives talks when writing a book, but said he made the exception because he feels the education and inspiration of our youth is paramount."

While on the island they experienced the rare treat of lunch overlooking the bay, and seeing the varied historical landmarks. The children were equally blown away by being on the Hy-Line cruise boat, a sponsor of the trip thanks to the Scudder family. For some it was the first time on a boat, and a thrill.

Newport, Rhode Island - Sponsored by Brian O'Neill

Carnegie Abbey is Newport's premier private golf and sporting club, and thanks to its owner, Brian O'Neill, the children were treated to dinner by the harbor, horseback riding, tennis and wisdom from Martina Hingis and Todd Martin. Thomas Reil and Marriott treated the children to two nights at the historical 4-star Renaissance Providence Hotel. Thanks to O'Neill and Carnegie Abbey's Tennis Director Wayne Turner they enjoyed center court, first row seats to the International Tennis Hall of Fame's induction of Michael Chang, the Campbell Pro tournament, and a special luncheon at the famed grass court tennis club. The day was capped off by meeting Chang, Stan Smith and USTA President Jane Brown Grimes. The children also were O'Neill's guests in his luxury box at the prestigious Newport polo match. The business tycoon gave the children a tour and motivational talk about his new development and what it takes to succeed in life.

Philadelphia, PA - Sponsored by Philadelphia Marriott West

Thanks to General Manager Mike Rodden, the children stayed at the 4-star Philadelphia Marriott West. Here they enjoyed a daily "Leadership Breakfast," which included the children standing up and giving a talk on what they got out of each speaker. Through this process they learned the discipline of writing a journal and articulating themselves in front of a crowd. Most surprising was the meaningful, heartfelt comments shared among the children.

"It was extremely moving to see the children open up and share their feelings with one another," explained Carol and Harry Wolfington, who sponsor and started this trip 3 years ago. "As they listened to motivational talks they began to realize what is important in life, and all they had to be grateful for."

This was highlighted when the children went to an at-risk inner city school, LaSalle Academy, to talk with and inspire the next generation of youth with their stories of success.

While in Pennsylvania they got to see the history of our great nation, including: Independence Hall, Valley Forge Park, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford colleges. All of this was made possible by the Harry Wolfington family, Sharon Wolfington-Brown, Stephanie and John Zigler, Antonelli's, and Mary Ann and Fran Duffy.

Thanks to Billie Jean King, whom they got advice from, and Rose Weinstein, the children were ball kids for World Team Tennis Philadelphia Freedoms, with John McEnroe and the Bryan Brothers. The Bryans spent 20 minutes giving the children a talk about the importance of straight A's, avoiding TV and video games, and giving what you do 100%.

Each afternoon the children played tennis at a different Country Club, including the oldest and arguably one of the nicest private clubs in America, Merion Cricket Club, sponsored by Joanie and John Phelan, Pascal Colard and Connie VanHusen. They also enjoyed tennis, swimming, and an elegant dinner overlooking the golf course at Philadelphia Country Club, thanks to Pat Nolan, Carol, Harry and Sean Wolfington.

Avalon, NJ - Sponsored by Marcy and Eustace Wolfington

Marcy and Eustace Wolfington have kept alive a family tradition of converg ing at the shore that was started by their mother Mary Margaret almost 80 years ago. Sharing that with these children, they gave them the beachfront home so they could fall asleep to the crash of the waves and wake to a cold and refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

For many this was the highlight of the trip, a time to relax and just enjoy nature. The Ocean City boardwalk and walking the shops of Stone Harbor were part of their downtime on an otherwise busy and educational trip.

Washington, D.C. - Sponsored by Ana & Sean Wolfington

Seeing our nation's Capitol in such an exclusive way was a lifelong memory. Thanks to Sean Wolfington the children had a private behind-the-scenes tour of the White House by President Bush's niece Marshall Bush, and were invited onto the White House lawn to see the President fly off on Marine One.

After this amazing day Renaissance Washington Hotel Manager Joe Stern thrilled the children when they returned to their beautiful rooms with a surprise late night snack.

Thanks to Senator John Ensign, the following morning the children played tennis at the private Senate tennis courts with Ensign and Senator Jim De Mint of South Carolina. Soon after he took them onto the floor of the US Senate, then spent two hours talking politics over breakfast in the Senate's private dining room.

In Washington they met with Director Jonathan "Jed" Wolfington to watch his latest documentary, got a tour of Georgetown University, meeting the coach Gordie Ernst, and walked the historical grounds of Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home.

New York City - Sponsored by Bruce Eichner

Thanks to tennis enthusiast Bruce Eichner, the children got to visit New York and stay at his prestigious Manhattan Club for four days. Here they had a leadership breakfast with Governor Jeb Bush, TV star Kathie Lee Gifford, and MSNBC host Larry Kudlow. Thanks to Columb Lytle and Jonathan Corpina, owners of Meridian Equity Partners, the children had a day on Wall Street starting with a tour of the 9/11 site memorial, the Museum of American Finance, a guided educational tour of the New York Stock exchange, including Meridian's trading Operation, as well as being on Fox TV Live. The team at Meridian then arranged for tickets to the Sports Museum of America and the Mets game, which included seeing their names on the scoreboard.

New York also meant visiting Times Square, running in Central Park, subway rides, and most thrilling Canal Street, where the children experienced the real meaning of buying and selling.

Boston, Ma - Sponsored by Vince O'Neill

The Tennis, Education and Leadership Tour ended in the best possible way, a walk down historical Boston where in many ways our country began. The last dinner was a special guest, Co-Founder/President of Walden Media Michael Flahery, (Chronicles of Narnia, Charlottes Web) who the children say was extremely inspirational. Then on the last day they had a guided tour of Harvard, one of our countries most prestigious Universities. Here coach David Fish left the children with some sage advice, to not seek out the perfect resume, but instead to make the most out of every moment in their lives.

History of the Wolfington Family East Coast Leadership Tour

Started by Ana, Sean, Carol, and Harry Wolfington, the goal of this trip was to instill in these children a desire to explore all the possibilities for their lives, to understand their limitless potential, and to give them the tools to become the best they can be.

"We show them the great universities so they're motivated to work hard to reach a higher education," explained Wolfington. "We set a strict and disciplined approach to travel and behavior, so they are prepared for college and the world they will face in years to come. We train them on diet, fitness, and the power of reading and writing, so they can feel good about themselves and have confidence in who they are. We show them how to dress and present themselves, so they can gain the trust of others. We want them to be inspired by the stories of our past, including the immensely productive lives of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Most importantly, we want them to hear the stories of great persons, their trials and tribulations, and how they found happiness and success.

Sometimes it takes years to inspire children into an attitude of greatness, to help them find their passion. Whereas, with this 'Leadership Tour,' all of a sudden a speaker will say something similar to what we have been telling the children for years, but somehow it just clicks, and they are changed forever."

Special thanks to Tony Bennett, Mike Agassi, Marty Hennessy, Winnie and Bob Schulman, Rashe and Jeff Taylor, Laurie Steed, Tomchin Family, Helen and Chip Johnson, USTA-Nevada board, USTA's Dan Limbago, Marriott, Senator Ensihn's staff, Carmen Brady, The Mets, Antonelli's, and Bertucci's Italian Cuisine.

"I can not thank my parents and brother Sean enough for being the energy and support behind this trip, as well as my whole family, who get more and more involved as the years go by," said Wolfington. "I think we as supporters and sponsors get as much as the children, because there is no better thrill than to witness the growth and greatness in a child."

We created the Foundation 5 years ago in hopes of helping children discover happiness, through mentoring, academics, arts, and high performance athletic training. We use tennis as a vehicle to teach at-risk children the principles of life, and to help them get a college scholarship. So far, every child that has come through our program has received a college scholarship.

To inspire high grades and a great attitude, each year the Wolfington family sponsors our "East Coast Leadership, Tennis, and Education Tour." The 3-week trip takes children to Boston, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island, historical Philadelphia, the beaches of Avalon, New Jersey, the stately halls of Washington, D.C., and to the culture, art, and excitement of New York City. Each city is sponsored by a different member of the family, giving the youth the chance to visit East coast historical sites and Ivy League universities, to play tennis at prestigious country clubs, to see museums and architecture, and to attend a daily "Leadership Breakfast."

It is our goal to instill in these children a desire to explore all the possibilities for their lives, to understand their limitless potential, to realize that they can do anything. We show them the great universities so that they will realize why they should work so hard to be headed to one of them some day. We want them to be inspired by the stories of our past, including the immensely productive lives of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. They have read books and watched documentaries about both of these famous men. Most importantly, we want them to hear the stories of great persons, their trials and tribulations, and how they found happiness and success. To this end we do a daily "Leadership Breakfast" with a speaker. We specifically seek out those persons who seem to have found a sense of happiness and passion for life.

We deal with at-risk youth, and sometimes it takes years to inspire children into an attitude of excellence, to help them find their passion. Whereas, we have found with these "Leadership Breakfasts," all of a sudden a speaker will say something similar to what we have been telling the children for years, but somehow it just clicks, and they are changed forever.

These 10 children have earned this trip by training 2-3 hours a day in tennis, then 3 hours of school work, and countless hours "earning your scholarship" in our work program. To qualify for the trip they must have qualified with at least a 3.7 grade- point average, gained a national tennis ranking, sold raffle tickets, and displayed the attitude of a leader all year. These children have become the leaders in our Foundation, and we hope that though experiences like this trip, they will become the leaders of our nation.




Senator Ensign, Larry Brown and Weekly support tennis


By Ryan Wolfington


As this Political season comes to a head we have players from both sides of the isle that support the game and many who play it. It became clear how important tennis was to Senator Ensign when he canceled his early morning meetings for a couple of Las Vegas children who went to Washington to be inspired. Inspiration is what they got, when our Senator played 2 hours of tennis on the "Highest court in the land", a special indoor court for Senators in their office building, with Senator Jim Demint. Soon after the high ranking Senator, who is in charge of helping get new members elected this year, put everything aside to have breakfast with the children in the private Senate dining room. Here they got a history and political science lesson as Senator Ensign explained why he left being a doctor to serve our nation. This included a private tour of the Senate floor where the children were able to open up the desk of President Kennedy and Nixon. It was a thrill to say the least. Turns out the Senator is a 4.0 player that plays 1-2 times a week, along with a biking routine, while other days he does sprints in the mall.


Everyone knows what Larry Brown has done for tennis. Every time we look at how tennis a has grown in the valley, both in quality and numbers, you look at the Darling tennis center. He fought for years and still to this day defends the expenditures to the press and fellow politicians for this world class facility. We will never forget the Tennis Channel Open which he and the Mayor brought to town. Looks like that was a win win, with the City bringing in significant tourist dollars due to the countless national events the Darling Center has attracted, under the leadership of Sandy Foley.  The calendar is full of events, with the facility already in need of expanding. Larry Brown has been a tireless supporter of the game, perhaps more then anyone.


Commissioner Lawrence Weekly, when he was a City Councilman in Ward 5, helped get a $25,000,000 grant to refurbish Lorenzi Park. As a result Lorenzi by the Spring will have ten new lit tennis courts. It was going to Lorenzi to see the condition of the tennis courts that got Weekly on the court for the first time. Ever since he has been playing with Director Craig Whitcher, and is officially addicted to tennis.


"My biggest contribution to the game has been sacrificing my body almost daily getting onto the courts to play," said the commissioner.


Weekly often plays at Lorenzi or down at the Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club.  His passion for tennis has him playing 3.5 league and tournament play. He was won many 3.0 tournaments.


"I am always talking about tennis everywhere I go," said Weekly. And when you walk in his office all you see are his little tennis trinkets.


Once removed from a politician are many tennis sons and daughters, like Oscar Goodman's wife Carolyn Goodman, and all their children played tennis with Marty Hennessy back when he was at the DI.  Governor Miller is a big UNLV tennis supporter, helping Elena Gantcheva as her mentor. Commissioner Rori Reid, Senator's Reid's child, also plays the game as do their children for Green Valley High School. Famed national political strategist Sig Rogich also plays, and so does his son!


Tennis has a long history with Politics. According to Ted Kennedy "Some of my best legislation was done on the tennis court," and it is well known the same is true for former President Bush who still is a big tennis fan. Who knows, maybe Andre Agassi will run for President one day!







                      IN SHAPE

                          RELIEVE STRESS

                           & MORE PRODUCTIVE




PATE TENNIS TRADITION - Bally's and Flamingo Resorts

By Ryan Wolfington


In the 1980's one of the biggest names in tennis was our own David Pate. Now Director of Tennis at the Famingo and Bally's Resorts, Pate put Las Vegas tennis on the map in the 80's and no year was better for the former #1 player then 1987.


With wins over Conners, Sampras, Agassi, Chang, Gilbert, Gullikson and most notably Lendel when he was #1, and Edberg when he was #2 in the world, Pate had one of the fastest serves on the tour at 137 mile an hour.


His greatest title took place at the LA open when he beat Michael Chang, Peter Lundgren, life long friend Andre Agassi, Brad Gilbert and then #2 Stephan Edberg in one draw!. This helped propel Pate to a career high #18 in the world. In 1991 Pate played as a member of the Davis Cup team with Agassi and Courier.


Soon enough his shoulder took the beating those serves would give it and Pate focused on doubles with partner Scott Davis (now at Newport Racket Club.) Pate won over eighteen doubles titles during his career, most with Davis. The pair became #1 in the world after winning the Australian Open in 1991. Pate's lifetime earnings were over 2 million dollars and even after retiring continues to plays the game at a high level. Davis and Pate have won countless US OPEN and Wimbledon men's 35 events, one as recently as a few years ago.


The Pate family has a long tennis tradition that goes way back to exhibition park in Los Angeles where Pate's father,  Chuck Pate, taught former #1 player in the world Poncho Gonzales how to play the game. Gonzales at the peak of his career recruited Pate's father to run Caesars Palace tennis in the 70's.  Further, his brother Jack and he collectively won 6 state championships playing for Clark high school. Both went on to play for Texas Christian University with honors, achieving All-American twice, a Hall of Fame induction and David Won the 1981 NCAA Doubles title with Carl Richter.


David's older brother Chuck Pate Jr. also played tennis on scholarship at BYU , won some father and son national title, and the family won the 1978 Equitable family tennis challenge title. Chuck Jr. now owns the Tustin Hills Racquet Club in California. David's wife Debbie plays USTA-Nevada 3.5 league and runs the Tennis shops at Bally's and Flamingo. Their son Dakota is playing at Tennessee Chattanooga on scholarship and Colton Pate plays for Coronado high school team as a senior. Daughter Sarah is an accomplished soccer player at Coronado and plays tennis as well.


Pate's annual Charity Tennis Classic has been raising funds for charities for close to 15 years. This year proceeds go to benefit the USTA-Nevada junior programs.






Ballys Holiday Charity Singles Tennis Classic

October 20-22, 2008


Ballys Holiday Charity Doubles Tennis Classic

October 23-25; October 26, 2008


Ballys Holiday Charity Mixed Tennis Classic

October 27-29, 2008








Anne Rockwell, along with tennis legend Mike Agassi and the Thompson twins will be inducted into the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame November 29th at the Stirling Club at Turnberry Place in Las Vegas.


There are few people with the history, passion and dedication of Anne Rockwell. After being a Director of Tennis at the Las Vegas Country Club, The Las Vegas Hilton, she now resides at David Pate's Bally's tennis, where she has been keeping people in the game for over 35 years.


"She is the hardest working women in tennis," said former #1 in the world David Pate.


Rockwell got into tennis as a junior and soon reached a #1 ranking in her state, the Intermountain section and a career high of #16 in the United States. Her intensity and focus on the court landed her a scholarship to play college tennis at Arizona State University and a position on the prestigious US Wrightman Cup team. Soon after college she continued to play professionally and won the USPTA National Championships in singles and doubles, a feat few have matched.


Rockwell has donated countless hours to help at risk youth and through her efforts with the David Pate Charity tournament, has raised thousands to give back to the community for local charities.


"What makes Annie amazing is her own work ethic, her passion, because of her so many people that may otherwise get bored or get out of the game, they stay," explained Ryan Wolfington, USTA-Nevada's Executive Director and founder of the Hall of Fame. "She makes a community down there at Bally's and they are like family."


Rockwell's players are known to be devoted to her.


"Annie is the greatest, said Linda Piercy, a student of Rockwell's. She works us so hard, we know if we can make it through her clinic we can make it through any match we have. She is always there for us."


"She is a true competitor, very loyal and always follows through," said Todd Dakake, a player who also works at Nine Steak house in the Palms. "She really knows how to bring everyone together, almost like a family."





USTA-Nevada league teams going to nationals!



The USTA Intermountain Adult League Sectional Championships were played in Salt lake City, Utah, August 22-24.  The Intermountain Section is made up of 6 states including Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Three teams from Las Vegas came home with the Championship trophy and will now advance on to the USTA National Championships.  "All three teams won their divisions undefeated," says Mary Maragos, District League Coordinator for USTA/Nevada, "that is almost unheard of considering the advanced level of competition that is at the Sectional Championships."  The following teams will be representing Nevada in the National Championships:


Women's 3.5 Team, Darling Tennis Center #3

Carey Reno-Evans, Captain, Sara Arizmendez, Sheila Stetts, Kim Springer, Mardianne Howell, Anne Schrader, Anne Kellogg, Judy Winreb-Sutko, Alma Donkersloot, Tania Buchner, Christina Green and Tina Kirchner


Men's 3.5 Team, Darling Tennis Center #2

Gary Wolf, Captain, Tim McCubbin, Parnell Hoffman, Ray Eccleston, David Rennick, Philip Haberkorn, Manuel Arias, Nissim Hamou, Roy Centrella, Ronald Green, Greg Farina, Bart Black, Marcus Berg, Shane Mantes, Dave Luttman, Al Aubry, Thomas Ogawa and Pat Lamparelli.


Men's 4.5 Team, Canyon Gate CC

Rob Kirkendall, Captain, Kenneth Siewert, Aaron Shurrie, Adam Thurgood, Phil Aurbach, Adam Krupp, Anthony Ng, John Balelo, Spencer Smith, Jim Freeman, Paul Theobald, Jim Redding, Roberto Aguilar, Glenn Gabriel, Michael Villani, Brandon Hair.


The Women's and Men's 3.5 National Championships will be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 31- November 2.

The Men's 4.5 National Championships will be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 17-19.





Parker Family Legacy coming to an end

USTA-Nevada Scholars Athlete of the year - Brandon Parker


This year USTA-Nevada has awarded Brandon the 2008-2009 Scholar-Athlete Award. Brandon is a member of the national honors society, captain of his tennis team, 4 year scholar athlete, has a GPA of 4.8, is ranked #1 in his class of 650 students, is an eagle scout, volunteers for Opportunity Village, Operation Smile, was awarded the Summerlin Children's Forum Student of the Year Award, Summerlin Children's Forum and there is more.


"Brandon is a great tennis player with the potential to do extremely well in college.  He already has a college style game," his father explained. "More importantly, Brandon is a great young man.  He is well founded in the principles of integrity, kindness, compassion, virtue, and diligence in making good choices.  He is a great example to our family."


As a tennis player he is the top ranked 18 and under boy in the state of Nevada with a ranking high of #80 in the United States. Brandon has won countless national tournaments including this past summers sectional championships, the "Duel in the Desert National level 5 run by Clark Hancock, and has wins against players top 20 in the nation. Just recently at the Mike Agassi "NO QUIT" National he barely lost to the #1 seed and #10 player in the USA 6-4, 6-4.


"Brandon is the exact type of child we like to hold up as an example, because he is well rounded and has excelled in everything he has put his hands on," said USTA-Nevada Executive Director Ryan Wolfington. "Now a days the worst children are being held up as heroes on tv when in fact, it is children like Brandon who will go on to do amazing things, in part because tennis, school, family and his faith have set him in the right direction."


After 35 years of Nevada State tennis tradition, the Parke r family will see their last high school tennis season as their child Brandon plays his last season for the Palo Verde Tennis team.


Consider that the Patriarch Dr. Jeff Parker played the state High school championship as a student at Clark High School 1970 to 1973, his oldest two daughters Jamie and Kimberly took Cimmeron to the state finals every year they played, with Jamie went on to play at BYU as a special recipient of the Gordon B. Hinckley Scholarship for scholarship for academics, athletics, service and leadership. Their oldest son Cameron won the State Championship twice and now plays for Harvard University. Brandon, a two time state champion in doubles and part of two Palo Verde Championship teams is in his last of 4 years at the school, where he has been ranked #1 in his class academically since freshman year.


"My last child in tennis," said Mrs. Parker, who explained how much tennis has meant to their family. "It teaches so many life lessons and it is such a great way to be with family and friends, we will miss it."


The Parker family has been at tennis outings, tournaments and the perennial state tournament as far back as anyone can remember.


"What makes the Parkers special, is their children were not only among the best in the nation at tennis, but were extraordinary in so many others areas," explained Wolfington. "Academically always #1 in their class, in matters of character and service to the community there is not one child that had a better overall performance then these children."


As Mormons the Parker children lived up to their faith when it was not easy, getting up daily at 5am to do seminary, then going to school, training for hours after school, only later to finish the day by doing homework all night. "And the most amazing part is they found time to do community service, fulfill family obligations, all while competing at a national level against players that are often homeschooled and one dimensional, " said Wolfington.


The Parkers now look to college and possibly some grandchildren to continue the tennis tradition but it may be a long time coming before another Parker brings home a State Championship.


"We will miss them, their involvement and example around here, but will take great pride and interest to see where these children end up," said Wolfington. "I always said one of them will be President, or something of that magnitude. That is how extraordinary they are."




Continue playing after high school season with teammates or make your own team!


Call rob at 792-8384 for details.




Stirling Club in Turnberry Place


Privilege, Prestige, and Privacy:::.experience the best the world has to offer at The Stirling Club in Las Vegas:::.including a lighted Har-Tru clay court complex complete with resident pro Marty Hennessy.  A full schedule of classes, lessons and tournaments are offered to our members.


The Stirling Club is the centerpiece of the beautifully landscaped, gated resort development Turnberry Place.  The private club features a soaring entryway aptly named the Grand Hall. 20Its rich marble floors and tasteful appointments set the tone for what is undoubtedly known as 'The Stirling Club experience.'


More to the point, "the club rivals the great private clubs of the world, and is the most private environment created to attend to the exclusive leisure's of the privileged few who are fortunate enough to enjoy its rarified lifestyle" said Sharon Jenkins marketing director.


Inside the individually designed enclaves, members may choose from a variety of different dining experiences from famed chef Charlie Palmer.  The intimate Members Lounge is invitingly furnished with comfortable settees and soft chairs.  Rich, Tudor-style wood accents create the warm feeling of a private library in a country manor:.a room in which you'll want to relax with good friends, listen to live entertainment and enjoy your favorite beverage.


The lower level of The Stirling Club houses the more-than- 30,000 square foot, European-style spa, beauty salon, and fitness center.  Here, members may participate in a number of classes, from yoga to Pilates or choose from skin-care treatments and massages. 


In addition to resident memberships, The Stirling Club offers limited members to non-residents by invitation.  For information on becoming a Stirling Club member, call Kathleen Gustafson at  702-784-4603  or email at


Special Memberships for USTA members


All USTA-Nevada members ages 35 and under are eligible for the Stirling Club's Young Professional membership. This Premier membership entitles full use of all the areas of the club, including the dining facilities, entertainment center and lounges, The Stirling Club Spa, Fitness Center, Tennis and much more. This special limited time rate is $2,700 for the year for a whole family, which includes initiation fees and dues for one year!Terms subject to change without notice


For more information please contact Executive Membership Director Kathleen Gustafson at 784-4603 or






Las Vegas, NV - July 1, 2008 -- Bob & Mike Bryan, the #1 Doubles team in the world for over 3 years, will return to headline Las Vegas' premier tennis experience, Camp Bryan II, an exclusive 2-day event.  The Stirling Club @ Turnberry Place, the most prestigious country club in Las Vegas, will again be the host site for this event's tennis royalty.


"We are happy to work with Glen Alex to help promote this event, as it's not every day you can have the best doubles team of all time in our own backyard teaching us tennis," said Ryan Wolfington USTA-Nevada Executive Director.


Camp Bryan II kicks off with Las Vegas Tennis Stars.  Local tennis professionals will treat recreational players to extreme tennis clinics, limited to 24 participants.  The day progresses with lunch (included), round-robin play, and a cocktail reception.  The Las Vegas portion of Camp Bryan II takes place Saturday, December 13, 2008 at the Las Vegas Hilton, 10am. 


The Bryan Brothers highlight Day 2 of Camp Bryan II.  The day begins with am clinics for adults and juniors--an exceptional opportunity for players of all levels to learn from the best in the world.  "When the #1 doubles team in the world tells you something, you listen!", remarked Terry Leysath who participated in Camp Bryan in December 2007 and adjusted his game accordingly.  Like Day 1, the camp will be limited in number to maximize one-on-one attention from the Bryans.  Other ATP Professionals will also participate to provide campers with a full variety of instruction and fun!  Day 2 events take place Sunday, December 14, 2008 at The Stirling Club @ Turnberry Place, 11:00am.


Immediately following the camp, the Bryan Brothers will have lunch with Camp Bryan II VIPs.  The Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor, and Pro-Am players will enjoy The Stirling Club's gourmet food and entertainment at this private lunch. Following lunch is the Pro-Am.  Bob, Mike, and other ATP professionals, including our own Asia Muhammad, will play with amateur players in a round-robin tournament.  Bob and his partner Catrina Thompson, of Las Vegas, won last year's Pro-Am with excellent strategy and execution.


Glen Alex, Promoter and owner/operator of The Massage Advantage, is even more excited about Camp Bryan II.  "The feedback from participants and bystanders, and the press coverage for Camp Bryan was all positive.  Even local players who missed the opportunity to hit with the Bryans remarked that they are definitely coming this year."  "And Bob and Mike enjoyed themselves so much that we decided to do it again!"  Miss Alex worked with the Bryan Brothers at professional tournaments including The US Open, Monte Carlo Masters Series and the Sony Ericsson Open. 


100% of all raffle/auction proceeds will benefit USTA-NV Junior Tennis Programs and Las Vegas charities New Beginnings and Boys Town. 


"Having this event in Las Vegas is a privilege and we appreciate their efforts to help raise funds for our programs," said Wolfington.


The raffle has already begun and the final drawings will be during Camp Bryan II.  A portion of Camp Bryan II event proceeds will also benefit these non-profit organizations.  Camp Bryan II is a win-win situation for all involved.







Mike Agassi, the legendary tennis coach and father to Andre Agassi, will be inducted into the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame as a "Legend", November 29th weekend in Las Vegas. A Hall of Fame luncheon will take place at the Stirling Club Saturday November 29th, and a special "Tony Bennett Hall of Fame" Fundraising Gala the following evening at TAO nightclub.


"What Mike Agassi has done for tennis is immeasurable, and this is our communities chance to thank and recognize him," explained the Hall of Fame founder and USTA-Nevada Executive Director Ryan Wolfington.


Also being honored will be Rashe and Jeff Taylor, winners of this years Tony Bennett Heart Award. The award was created to honor those who have gone above and beyond to better the lives of children. Past recipients include Agassi Foundation's Tim Blenkiron and Winnie and Bob Schulman.


"Rashae and Jeff Taylor have done so much to help youth in need in Las Vegas and throughout the country," explained Wolfington. "They have used their talents and resources to truly change the lives of children, and along with Mr. Agassi, Tony Bennett and the Schulmans, made the Marty Hennessy Foundation possible."


The Hall of Fame luncheon  will also induct a "Community legend", Anne Rockwell for her lifelong commitment to tennis, and "Junior legends" Catrina and Christian Thompson for their contributions to Nevada junior tennis.


"Anne Rockwell has done an incredible job at creating community and keeping people in the game," said Wolfington. "The Thompsons made many of our adult and junior players in Las Vegas proud, they put us on the map for years."


The evening gala, Produced By Clint Holmes, will include Tony Bennett and a number of entertainment and sports celebrities. Past special guests of this event include Jay Leno, Rita Rudner, Jack Jones, Frankie Avalon, Phenom vocal group Mosaic, "Rudy" Ruettiger, Film start Eduardo Verestagui, Ali Landry, Film Director Alejandro Monteverde, child singing sensation Ellie Smith and film Producer Sean Wolfington.


Proceeds from the event will go to the Marty Hennessy Foundation and USTA-Nevada programs. USTA-Nevada will also present their annual awards. For information on tickets, sponsorship or to volunteer call Ryan Wolfington at  702-792-8384 .



Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame "Legend" - Mike Agassi

By Ryan Wolfington


Mike Agassi now 78 years old, loves nothing more then to sit around and watch tennis. No matter if it is TV, live, junior, adult or professional level play, he is big on this game.



 "This brings back great memories," Mike said at a recent junior tournament. "I could put my bed on the court and sleep there all night, I love this game"


It started when Mike Agassi was a very poor child in Iran, and he was allowed to watch the US service men play on a shell court, as long as he fetched balls, and cleaned the court daily. This meant walking a mile with two buckets of water each day to keep the courts moist and playable. For his efforts, one day a soldier gave Mike his old tennis racket, which he never got to play with, but to him it was the greatest thing in the world.


Soon after, to fend for himself in impoverished Iran, Mike had to learn how to fight. For fun the children would trade blows, either to defend themselves or to earn money at the local boxing club. This is when young Mike Agassi was discovered as a boxing talent and taken to an area training center until he became the best in his country. Even then he had to fight to be placed on the Olympic team, which he did by making a plea to the King of Iran at the time.


From day one Mike Agassi has had to fight for everything he has gotten, and as a result he became a fierce boxer, a fierce competitor and someone who took no opportunity for granted. Choosing to leave his native country and tearfully say good bye to his father, his family, what lured him away was the simple luxury's that the west takes for granted, like toilets, electricity, heat and an abundance of food.


At this time the country did not allow many visa's but Mike, because of his boxing, had a passport. After each match he was suppose to turn in his papers, and he did. But soon after the official left the room, Agassi went back in and grabbed his back. The next morning he made the dangerous trek to the airport to try and make his escape. The airport officials noticing the famous boxer, greeted him and let him on his way, to Chicago, United States of America.


The first thing he did was find the local boxing gym where he found his confidence by winning countless Golden Gloves Championships, then a tennis court. Once he had the money, amazed that tennis could be played by anyone, he and his brother shoveled snow off the court and played for hours.


Realizing he wanted to start a family , and make tennis champions, he moved to Las Vegas knowing there was tennis weather year round. Here he was an elevator operator, then a waiter, till one day his luck changed. He had fought hard all his life to find a break and here it was. One night waiting tables a young lady was getting harassed by a guest at the cafe diner. Young Mike Agassi, still confident with a punch, walked up to the man almost twice his size and told him to knock it off. When the man continued Mike grabbed his neck and said "Do it again and I'll knock your teeth in."


Turns out, that was Kirk Kirkorian's wife, who would tell her husband of the Mike's efforts on her behalf and the two found out they are both from Iran. This sparked a lifelong relationship, and Mike Agassi still to this day works for Kirk at the MGM grand as a celebrity host.


His still working at the age of 78  is typical of Mike Agassi. A man who just 3 years ago was cutting down his own palm trees 50 feet in the air, , a guy who refuses to sit back and retire. Mike has always done it himself, weather it is fixing his roof, building his house and the very court that Andre learned the game.



With a mind like an inventor, he took a machine that spit out tennis balls and added wheels to make it spin, controls to make it move up and down, and there you have the present day Match Play ball machine. The device that picks balls up from the court, these are just a few of his inventions. He looks at things and sees how he can make it better.


Looking at the game of tennis he always wondered why they did not take the ball on the rise, why not swing at the volley. He was mocked for these ideas, and his feisty behavior courtside at his children's matches got him into a lot of trouble. He himself will tell you he pushed the opportunity he himself would have died for, onto his children, who were from America and did not realize how good they had it. They had never lived like Mike Agassi, they never fought on the street for food or walked to a community toilet in the ground. They never understood his struggle, they were just kids, in America.


Mike only knew how to fight, and sometimes he fought too hard,  but what he was trying to do was break through. Mike wanted to make sure his children had a better life, even if that meant working all day at the Tropicana as a pro, teaching tennis, a captain of a showroom all night, with 4-6 hours sleep a night. With the help of his loving wife Betty, he got these children trained and to tournaments each weekend, back when the country club owned tennis and Iranian Immigrants were not members.



"I could not have done it without Betty, she is my everything," Agassi said. "I could not have done it without her."


It took all 4 of his children to succeed getting scholarships to college, or playing on the tour before Mike felt he had achieved what he set out to do. Rita many say was as good or better then Andre, but lost interest in the game by her twenties; Phillip to this day has among the most wins in UNLV history, Tammy was a world class college player, and Andre everyone knows. But what they don't know is that Mike carved out a life for himself from nothing, stayed married to the same women his whole life and nothing means more to him then his families happiness and security, not even tennis.


Going back years Mike always reached out to help others, taking in the neighborhood kids, many who credit him with their present day success, some doctors, some lawyers. He has always reached out to help anyone in the tennis community and establishing a scholarship and national tennis tournament in his name is just one example of that. Some people think of him as a tough tennis dad from years ago and have not seen the extremely kind person I have gotten to know. He never looks for the credit he so much deserves, always wants it for his children and his family. He is old school, believes in family, marriage and good old fashion American values. A hard days work is something he can not live without and his kindness towards others, towards me and many of the children in this community is second to none.



This November 29th, Mike Agassi is going to be honored as the first inductee of the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame and I for one will be there to express my gratitude for what he has done for tennis, Las Vegas and the many children his support has helped through his son's Foundation, through his support of the USTA-Nevada and Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation's Mike Agassi No Quit Scholarship.


Tennis without Mike Agassi would leave a very large hole.







Clint Holmes, not only loves the world of entertainment, which he stood on the top of almost all of his life, but has a sincere, deep passion for tennis. A member of the Stirling Club and passionate singles player, the entertainment legend plays almost 6 days a week, and as part of his charitable Foundation, founded a senior tennis tournament.


After years as headliner at Harrah's, with his photo on billboards all over Las Vegas, the entertainer has taken on the project of his life, Producing and creating a Broadway play, which he will perform at the Kennedy center later this month. Past the age of fifty, he is sending the message that he has only just begun. On the tennis court, his goal is to reach a national level of playing, as an entertainer he wants to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating his own Broadway play.

Clint Holmes is more than a tennis player, singer and now Broadway hopeful. Like a painter with a blank canvas, he makes every performance an original. His powerful voice and magnetic stage presence embrace the upbeat side of life. When Clint is on stage, anything can happen, and usually does! Holmes, best known for his silky vocal styling's, has also honed his many other talents, which include dancing and a warm comedic touch. Perhaps Clint picked up that comedy know-how from the ever-popular Bill Cosby, with whom he shared a stage.


"I learned a lot from Don (Rickles) and Bill who were both very generous with me when I opened for them," said Holmes. "They never held me back or limited my time on stage. I particularly learned a jazz comedian riffling style from the two of them."


Last year he helped the Marty Hennessy Foundation for the third year with their fundraiser, where he Produced an amazing event with Tony Bennett, Rita Rudner, Jack Jones and sensational music group Mosaic.


"Clint loves tennis as much as anyone I know," explained Marty Hennessy, Director of Tennis at the Stirling Club where Clint plays with Tony Bennett, Rita Rudner and many other celebrities. "He has a huge heart as well. He has made our fundraiser possible every year, and what is amazing is, he does that for countless organizations."


Having spent more than 20 years performing, Holmes has served as Joan Rivers' sidekick and announcer on "The Late Show," as the musical feature and event correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight" and as the host of his own Emmy-award-winning talk/variety show. Holmes freely admits, though, that he loves nothing more than performing before a live audience.


Since moving to Las Vegas, Clint has quickly become a favorite in the Las Vegas community as well as a rising star in the entertainment arena. He was selected as "Best Kept Secret" by Las Veg as Life Magazine, and "Best Singer" (two years in a row), Best All-Around Las Vegas Performer" and "Favorite Male Las Vegan" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Additionally, he has been the featured performer and host for the "Best of Las Vegas" Gala for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and host of the "Las Vegas Life Epicurean Awards." Clint was inducted into the Buffalo Musical Hall of Fame and into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame.


He released a DVD of his live performance at the Clint Homes Theater at Harrah's, which debuted nationwide via IN DEMAND on July 7, 2001. In 2006 his PBS special of his Las Vegas Act was aired nationwide. PBS filmed three acts in Las Vegas for airing last year and along with Barry Manilow and Andrea Boccelli, Mr. Holmes, found himself in great company .


He has just finished writing his latest musical "Just Another Man" with Larry Moss and Bill Fayne. The World Premiere of this exciting new musical starring Mr. Holmes will be presented by the Nevada Conservatory Theater in May and June at the Judy Bailey Theater at UNLV.


Perhaps what has endeared Clint most to people of Las Vegas is his never-ending spirit of graciousness. In a short time, he has become involved with several worthwhile causes in the community such as Candlelighters, ROB Reachout, Shadetree, St. Jude's, and the Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation.


Following a brief battle with Colon Cancer, he is currently serving as a spokesman for the American Cancer Society, encouraging people over age 50 to have annual colonoscopies. He has also taken a special interest in mentoring many young people interested in becoming entertainers by working closely with the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. In December 2005, he launched the Clint Holmes Foundation for the Performing Arts, which benefits children in art and music programs in the Clark County School District. As part of this he holds the annual Clint Holmes Senior Tennis Classic Charity tournament October 31 to November 2 at the Las Vegas Hilton.





Centennial Park Arms Boys and Girls


The children at the Boys and Girls located in the Centennial Park Arms Apartment complex had fun playing tennis.


USTA/Nevada Community Development Coordinator Jerry Johnson and his assistant Larry Scrivner had 30 children playing tennis on the black top at this apartment complex. The age range was 6-14 yrs. A QuickStart court was set up on the basketball court and all the kids were playing tennis.


USTA/Nevada gave Centennial Park Arms 20 racquets, QuickStart net and balls.

Councilor Sonji says the tennis equipment will help keep these children out of gangs and with this Boys and Gils Club in the apartment complex will help reach more of these young people.






Spanish Trail Fall Doubles Classic


3.0 Division

Fairweather/Kirkendall d. Barry/Cohler 6-2, 6-3

3.5 Division

Chin/Kim d. Mueller/Savage 6-1, 6-3

4.0 Division

Marasco/Wolfson d. Day-Wirth/Gallant 7-5,6-3


3.0 Division

Bykowski/Lopas d. Bielun/Lupica  6-3,6-3

3.5 Division

Bass/Berg  d. Beck/Recientes  7-5,6-2

4.0 Doubles

Payne/Sahni d. Mendoza/Milmeister  6-1, 6-3
 Novice #4

Girls 10

Sarra Yekta Winner RR

Girls 14

Sofia Dao (2) d. Madeline Pasimio (1)  6-0, 6-3

CF Lauren Dupuis d. Blake Johnson  6-2, 6-2

Girls 16

Josie Legarza d. Erika Mauban  7-6, 6-4

Boys 10

Benjamin Gajardo Winner RR

Boys 12

Teijiro Nishimura Winner RR      



Lorenzi Racquet Club 4 Aces Junior Classic


Boys' 18 Singles (Final Round)


Fernando Sunago  def.  Willie Sublette  6-2; 6-3


Boys' 12 Singles (Final Round)


Dylan Levitt (1)  def.  Cassell King  6-3; 7-6


Girls' 14 Singles (Round Robin)


Erika Mauban  def.  Josie Legarza  7-5; 6-1


Girls' 12 Singles (Final Round)


Alexis Vincent (1)  def.  Josie Legarza (2)  6-3; 7-5


Girls' 10 Singles (Final Round)


Elvena Gevargiz (1)  def.  Veronica Joels (2)  4-6; 6-3; 7-6(6)


Boys' 16 Singles (Final Round)


Willie Sublette (2)  def.  Kyle Delrosario (1)  6-0; 6-4


Boys' 14 Singles (Final Round)


Evan Roth (1)  def.  Cassell King  6-4; 6-4



Below is a link to a young girl who won the "Wells Fargo Someday Stories" contest. She won about her story of dreaming to be a doctor to help others. She own $5,000.

She is one of 5 finalists. If she gets more votes in this final phase of the internet conest she will win $100,000.

Please view her video and if it is right vote for Tiffany Tatum, so she can win her $100,000 and go to medical school.

It takes 2 minutes to register and vote to help a young lady reach her potential.
Here is the link



The Southern Nevada Youth Tennis Foundation, Inc. (?SNYFT?) and its partner, the Clark County School District Community Partnership office (?CCSD?) hosted their 1st Annual SNYTF/CCSD Middle School Tennis Challenge on Saturday, May 10, 2008, at Burkholder Middle School. This Fall/Spring grass root tennis program was a huge success and there will be many more in the coming years.

SNYTF/CCSD started with a few schools in 2006 and has grown to providing over 17 middle schools the opportunity to bring tennis to their school. This effort has spawned tennis excitement in our middle schools, right here in our own valley. ?Serving Tennis to Our Youth? is SNYTF’s goal and we are successful in that accomplishment.

SNYTF’s Founder and CEO, Sandra Rose Comito and Executive Director, Dr. Sidney Franklin, were very pleased with the 140 locals that showed up at Burkholder Middle School proudly representing their school. The weather was spectacular and the crowd was full of enthusiasm as the games began. School pride was evident everywhere during the 3 hour event that started with a FREE hour clinic by one of SNYTF’s finest USPTA pros, Gerritt Barendrest. Their skills were put to test as all CCSD teachers, coaches, parents and siblings rooted them on as each team competed in a round robin format. Julia Bush, School Counselor/Coach/SNYTF/CCSD facilitator, mentioned: ?The players had great sportsmanship and tennis etiquette and it was abundant throughout the morning play on the new campus at Burkholder. It was a pleasure to host the event and that SNYTF provided these student/athletes the exposure to tennis that they would not otherwise have available to them.?

Brown and Cannon Middle Schools were presented the CHAMPIONSHIP trophy before their school peers, family and friends. Note: Trophy was donated by a U.S. Army veteran (Desert Storm) and they brought this trophy back to the U.S. and now we proudly display the trophy for our new CHAMPIONS.

A special thank you to Burkholder Principal, Jessi Phee, who said, ?We were very excited to be able to provide our students with an opportunity to learn and enjoy tennis. I think in middle school it is important that students are exposed to different athletic activities and with the hope that this can turn into a sport they wish to pursue in high school, but most importantly a life-long enjoyment of tennis. We are grateful to the Southern Nevada Youth Tennis Foundation for providing this tennis experience for our students.?

After the competition and photos were over, all players received a gift package that included an After School All Star Frisbee, colorful embroidered t-shirts, new tennis balls and a USTA water bottle.

SNYTF wants to thank Judy Myers, Coordinator, CCSD School Community Partnership Programs and Hayden Ross, P.E. Specialist for CCSD, for believing in and trusting us! We look forward to a life-long partnership. Please go to our website at to look at many more photos from this year’s event. SNYTF is always looking for corporate/individual sponsorships along with private donations, volunteers, teaching pros, mentors and sports enthusiasts. Please e-mail us at and let us know if you are interested in joining our volunteer staff.
Connections Academy
Tennis Warehouse
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Marty Hennessy Foundation
Tennis Training Aid - AceBuilder Service Target
The Volley Cam
2400 Expert