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Coach Wayne Bryan’s visit to Las Vegas by Anis KHAIR

8th of January 2008, new year begins, in Las Vegas tennis world, with the arrival of Wayne Bryan, coach and father of Bryan brothers. I saw Wayne Bryan walking towards the pro shop at The Las Vegas Hilton Academy at around 2:30pm, in company was David Egdes, the director of Tennis Channel Open, deeply in conversation, probably strategising the planned day of coaching and promoting the Tennis Channel Open event due on March 3rd to March 9th, 2008.

When Wayne Bryan saw me standing in wait, he withdrew from his conversation and immediately extended his hand to shake with mine. Asked me who I was and what can he do to help me this day
Down to earth that Wayne Bryan is, I saw the same personality in Bob and Mike Bryan, whom I met at The Sterling Club in Las Vegas, December 15th 2007. It is very much obvious that this trait runs in the family. Credit goes to the parents of Bob and Mike Bryan, whose nurturing of their two children, has brought us, two good natured, kind hearted, likeable tennis players and this without denial, is out their, for all to see
Let me not digress from the Wayne Bryan and The Tennis Channel Open promotional event. Coach Wayne Bryan without wasting time immediately entered the tennis courts and equally immediately, was surrounded by eager faces of young and talented future tennis players of USA. These upcoming tennis players were visibly restless and could not wait to try out the instructions, which they so much desired, from coach Wayne Bryan

Coach Wayne Bryan talked on various aspect of tennis, tested tennis knowledge of players, joked, cajoled and teased charismatically, the students and present coaches. Coach Wayne Bryan advised coaches, sought opinions and gave tips and interacted with the coaches on a one on one basis
Coach Wayne Bryan put the players through a variety of drills, testing their skills and training levels. Complementing the players and advised on ways to improve their skill and thereby their game. Students who caught coach Wayne Bryan’s eyes, and their were good few, got one on one advice on ways to improve their skill

Impressed by the performance of the students, coach Wayne Bryan, acknowledged their talents and freely gave away gifts and tickets to the upcoming Tennis Channel Open event

Off we went to The Stacy and Darling Memorial Tennis Centre for adults clinic. On my arrival, I noticed, popularity of coach Wayne Bryan was acknowledged by the presence of 50 - 60 enthusiastic crowd of adults and of course kids, braving the cold winter winds of Las Vegas

The popularity of coach Wayne Bryan’s clinic is such that several students who had already had sessions at The Hilton Academy , tackled the dreaded rush hour traffic of Las Vegas to arrive in time for another session with coach Wayne Bryan
Although, this evening session was for adults, coach Wayne Bryan recognising the eagerness of these kids, could not in his heart find a place to disappoint Las Vegas kids and, so the soft hearted, Mr. Wayne Bryan, could not but involve the kids in the training session

At the adult clinic, coach Wayne Bryan interacted freely with the players and coaches, put them through drills, gave tips, helped players at one on one level. His charisma was once again seen. He joked, teased players and put them at ease

At the end of the day training session, coach Wayne Bryan, answered questions, which ranged from tennis related questions to personal questions, as, Where did you meet your wife? Was it love at first sight? Without hesitation, coach Wayne Bryan, answered them all
And of course, there were gifts for adults and kids. Free tickets for the upcoming Tennis Channel Open

Coach Wayne Bryan autographed posters, racquets etc., and bid farewell, hoping to meet the people of Las Vegas, at the Tennis Channel Open, March 3rd to 9th, 2008, where the defending champions, Davis Cup winner and worlds best doubles team, The Bryan Brothers, will set the stage for another scintillating and powerful performance that is second to none. Not forgetting defending singles champion, the hard working and talented, Lleyton Hewitt, who I am sure will enthral tennis lovers of Las Vegas with his competitiveness and controlled aggression, and the ever smiling Marcos Baghdatis, who plays with his heart and so we will see him play his heart out, beating his fisted hand on his chest demanding more

Photographs in the album are by KHAIR
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