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On Sunday April 5th the children from the Marty Hennessy foundation mingled and played tennis with the donors that keep the organization running.

Thanks to Larry Loman and the SCMR Tennis Club's Marty Henessy Jr. Tennis Foundation visited Sun City MacDonald Ranch Community Center on Saturday April 4th, 2009. The children were so excited to join the citizens of McDonald Ranch in their Saturday morning tennis play.

All children in the Foundation are required to attend an SAT Saturday course that also includes life skills and h eating a healthy lunch at a local health food store. This Saturday they had a special exception.

"We took eight of our top juniors and played a few exhibition matches. Then we played a team doubles format . Each child was paired with an adult and everyone had a great time. Wisdom was gained by the children and tennis tips were given to the adults." said Hilliary Heard executive director of the Marty Hennessy Foundation.'s Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation joined in the efforts with USTA Nevada in creating a Junior Tennis "Elite league".

"The Elite league was designed to get the top kids in town playing against each other in a college format with team competition that is fun and exciting, quality coaching and matching team uniforms all to create a team event that brings everyone together" said Rob Merriman, head of USTA Nevada Junior Competition.

The teams have been ultra competitive and a few matches ending in ties that forced a game count for the winner. "It was the perfect environment with tennis, food and fun. We were lucky to have Great Harvest Bread company sponsor the fresh healthy food. When everyone in town contributes to the success of an event, great things can happen for the children," said Hilliary Head, Executive Director of the Marty Hennessy Foundation.

Included in this league are some of the nations top players, including WTA touring professional tennis player Asia Muhammad, Girls 12 singles and doubles national champion and #1 nationally ranked player Kimberly Yee, Top 10 players Jeff Vongman, Gabrielle Smith, Kristofer Yee and more.

"Getting the top players together to compete regularly in a team format is priceless for the camaraderie, competition and building a strong junior tennis community," explained USTA-Nevada Executive Director Ryan Wolfington. "We are grateful to the Hennessy Foundation for starting this program and allowing us to become a partner."'s Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation as part of their "Leadership Breakfast" program recently had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Niuton Koide a well know n cardiologist in Las Vegas. He spoke to the children about his success in life and how hard work and being focused always kept him at the top of his medical class.

He was born in Japan and raised in Brazil. Dr. Koide completed his cardiology training at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. He sub specialized in Cardiac Electrophysiology (heart rhythm specialist) at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Koide is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and English and he enjoys being able to communicate with the diverse Las Vegas community.

He also did a mini presentation of how to eat healthy and the benefits it has on your heart. He went into detail and explained the long term effect of saturated fat in the arteries producing atherosclerosis and how to avoid that problem as to avoid strokes and heart attacks. "After listening to the Dr. Koide it was very eye opening that everything we put in our body effects our health and how we feel. When I was a little boy I always said I wanted to live to be 106. This might be my first step in achieving that goal! Seriously though, I will pay much more attention to eating healthy and choosing what I know is right for my body," said Dillon Berkabile.

The children really enjoyed playing tennis with Dr. Koide and listening to the many interesting facets of his life and occupation.

USTA-Nevada & the Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation partnered in offering free concert tickets to "MOSAIC" at the Las Vegas Hilton to all USTA-Nevada members.

Mosiac, the MTV voted top pop group out of Las Vegas features the talents of Josh Huslig, Sean Gerrity, Corwyn Hodge, Troy Dolendo, Heath Burgett and John Gibson. They've preformed at many venues in Las Vegas and hope to take music to a whole new level by creating the sound of a full band with only their voices. Mosaic was formed three years ago by Josh, who found five other guys who shared his passion for singing and wanted to change people's perception of a cappella groups.

The children of the Marty Hennessy Foundation and USTA - Nevada members were mesmerized by the sheer talent of these singers.

"I couldn't believe how they transformed their voices to mimic the sounds of so many instruments. They put on a great show," said Edgardo Ureta.

The foundation children that have all A's were rewarded with tickets to see Mosiac as a part of our positive social life program. USTA-Nevada members that responded to a first come first serve email, were able to enjoy this unique oppo rtunity.

The Hennessy Foundation purchased the tickets as a way to thank the community for all the support it has given their foundation over the last 5 years. This band has also donated their talent to perform at the Foundations annual "Tony Bennett Celebrity Fundraiser." Last year Tony Bennett called them "The most talented band he has ever seen."

Keith Brill's personal passion is tennis. Aside from being a full-time doctor, Keith and his lovely wife Daniella are major tennis advocates. Keith is a member of four league teams, while captaining the men's 3.5 team. He is a tournament supporter and true ambassador of the game as he constantly encourages newcomers to the sport to get better. Keith is also continually working on his own game by taking lessons from Red Rock's Director of Instruction, Tyler Weekes. The Red Rock tennis program is inspired by Keith's love for the game and USTA-Nevada appreciates all he does to grow tennis as a player, sponsor and captain.'s Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation took their annual trip down to Indian Wells, California in hopes of inspiring children as they watch the top players in the world at the BNP Paribas Open. All the best players compete in the BNP Paribas Open such as Federer, Nadal, Verdasco, Jankovic and Safina. It is one of the few majors that have both the top women and men at the same event.

"It was great to take our top 8 student athletes, who all have A's in school and reward them with this inspirational trip," explained Hilliary Heard the Foundations Executive Director. "They can see up close how points are constructed, where players contact the ball and the over all intensity and professionalism of the professional

Josh Levinson, Sarah Lucas, Marty Hennessy, Hilliary Heard,
Dillon Berkabille, Kristofer Yee, Jeff Vongman, Julia Baltas, Kimberly Yee

1. Two free hours of private tennis lessons from a world-ranked player (a $200 value)
2. Exposure to 100,000 readers in Inside Tennis
3. Highlights of your business on our USTA-Nevada website
4. Referr als for your business in our E-newsletter
5. A free advertising banner and free handouts at all of the following tournaments:
-The District League Championships
-The Pumpkin Junior National
-The Easter Circuit Jr. National
-The Awards Banquet

Call Dann Battistone at 702-792-8384 for details.

USTA-Nevada is proud to introduce to you our new Community Tennis and Diversity Coordinator Dann Battistone. Dann will replace Jerry Johnson who spent over 3 years working for USTA-Nevada.

"Jerry Johnson had a great opportunity to work full tim e at the YMCA and we are very grateful for all he has accomplished," said Ryan Wolfington USTA-Nevada's Executive Director. "We are very lucky to have found such a high quality applicant in Dann Battstone to continue Jerry's work."

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